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The EUI ResData Repository was launched in 2017 for the collection, preservation and sharing of digital datasets generated from research projects at the European University Institute in Florence. Details of how to submit a dataset for reposit in the EUI ResData Repository are on this Library page.


Recently Added

  • Steinmo, Sven; D’Attoma, John; Noyon, Sanne Maria; Zhang, Nan (EUI, SPS, 2018)
    The Willing to Pay? project combines experimental techniques and methodologies with historically informed institutionalist analysis in order to more fully test and explore the relationships between institutions, policy ...
  • Trechsel, Alexander H.; Garzia, Diego; De Sio, Lorenzo (EUI, RSCAS, 2014)
    The euandi dataset is composed of two parts: a coded record of the political position of parties in the 2014 European Parliamentary elections, and data from a general survey of user profiles in the 2014 European Parliamentary ...
  • Arrighi, Jean-Thomas; Hutcheson, Derek; Piccoli, Lorenzo (EUI, RSCAS, 2017)
    EUDO Citizenship Conditions for Electoral Rights data include information on conditions for eligibility and access to voting and candidacy rights in the 28 EU Member States, Switzerland, 20 American countries, Australia ...
  • Del Sarto, Raffaella A. (EUI, RSCAS, 2017)
    Across different sectors, relations between the EU and MENA countries range from loose cooperation to the adoption of EU rules in specific sectors by a third country. The following aspects of cooperation were considered: ...
  • Jaraitė, Jūratė; Jong, Thijs; Kažukauskas, Andrius; Zaklan, Aleksandar; Zeitlberger, Alexander (EUI, RSCAS, FSR, 2016)
    The Ownership Links and Enhanced EUTL Dataset provides detailed information on the matching of Person Holding Accounts (PHAs) and Operator Holding Accounts (OHAs) with the companies that own them. We matched the current ...

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